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Best Moments from Season 2 of The Circle

In preparation for the finale, we’re recapping season 2 of the Netflix show.


Netflix’s hit reality show The Circle began its second season in April. To bring you up to speed, we’ve compiled some of the best moments from the show. Alert! Spoilers ahead. 


Chloe (who you may remember from Too Hot to Handle) solidified her identity as sweet, honest and innocent to the point of naiveté. From day one we couldn’t help but love her!

Introducing Chloe


I don’t think England and America have ever had a war.

chloe on the circle


Is that Lance Bass from *NSYNC?! Well … no, it was his assistant Lisa catfishing as the boybander (with his consent!). 

Not Lance Bass


The Circle is full of surprises. Courtney was secretly named “The Joker” and got to name an influencer and talk to new players anonymously before anyone else.

The Joker


Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness judged the mannequin heads each player decorated. Emily/Jack’s head was subpar, rousing suspicions that “Emily” was a catfish.

The Mannequin Challenge


Although they were both blocked, we can’t forget the beef between Terilisha and Savannah. What started off as an alliance ended as an explosive argument in the Circle Chat. 

Beef Between Players


Emily/Jack and Lance/Lisa were both blocked. But Jack and Lisa were given a second chance, jointly playing under the profile of “John.” We stan this duo.

Second Chances


Chloe has feelings for Trevor… but Trevor isn’t who he says he is. “Trevor” is actually DeLeesa catfishing as her real-life husband, who she pretends is a single father.

Budding Romance


The players were given black tie attire and a red carpet for a superlatives ceremony. True feelings about Mitchell were revealed when he won the cringiest awards.

Awards Night


It was Courtney and “River” (played by Lee) versus Trevor and Mitchell. Both vied for Chloe’s commitment, but she ultimately picked Courtney/River, a.k.a #TheCardashians.

Alliances Formed


Catfish River/Lee was made a super influencer unknown to the other players. He had to block Mitchell in-person.

The Secret Super Influencer


Now we have the finale to look forward to. What will the players think when they meet each other IRL? Will Chloe accept Trevor/Deleesa? And most importantly, who will take home the $100,000?


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