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Ahead of the season 2 premiere, fondly remember the Netflix reality show’s first American season. 


Remember when people were obsessed with The Circle? The show where contestants were isolated and only communicated via an online platform? And then COVID-19 turned it into our reality? Us too.


Alert! Season 1 spoilers ahead.


Joey Sasso and Shubham Goel will go down in history as an iconic bromance. They’re still going strong!

The World’s Greatest Bromance


Seaburn Williams, masquerading as “Rebecca,” revealed himself IRL at the final five dinner, shocking everyone.

The Unveiling


Shubham backstabbed pro baller Antonio DePína by blocking him (kicking him out of the game) early on.

You Have Been Blocked


Karyn, a.k.a “Mercedeze,” came face-to-face with a surprised Antonio when he chose to visit her after his eviction.

Karyn the Catfish


Seaburn/Rebecca met fellow catfish “Alex,” who was actually Adam Lake. There were plenty of catfish in the sea.

Catfish Unite


Shooby entered the game with an anti-social media mindset, but he defied his own expectations when he was crowned an influencer four times in a row.

Social Media Star Shubham


After a supportive chat with other players, Sean Taylor changed her photos from pics of her skinny friend to herself. Gorgeous girl!

Be Yourself


Ed Eason joined the game late and left early despite his secret weapon: he brought his mom with him.

Momma’s Boy


Joey was named “Super Influencer” — without anyone else knowing! A downside to the title: He blocked Sean in-person.

The Super Influencer


Alert! Joey won season 1 of Netflix’s The Circle

Circle, Tell Me Who Won?


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