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Memorable Moments fromThe

We’re recapping significant moments from Katie Thurston’s season 17 journey.


Season 17 had unique entrances. Remember Jeff Caravello, the surgical skin salesman with the RV, Connor Brennan dressed as a cat and James Bonsall spending the whole night in a box?

The Entrances


A gutsy woman from the audience made out with Connor B., giving us main-character energy.

Men Tell All

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In a shocking turn, Katie sent home the fan favorite before hometowns. The next day, he returned for more closure, and she invited him back — but he gently refused.

Andrew Spencer Goes Home


Katie challenged her suitors to refrain from “self-care” as long as possible. Hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe couldn’t keep straight faces.

Katie’s No Self-Pleasure Rule


She bravely opened up about “a situation where there wasn’t consent” when having sex. She emphasized the importance of consent and communication.

Katie Tells Her Story

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He told Katie he loved her after hometowns but got upset that she didn’t say it back (though she hadn’t told any of the men that she loved them), breaking up with her.

Greg Grippo Leaves


They may all have been competing for the love of the same woman, but that didn’t stop the men of season 17 from bonding among themselves.

An Epic Bromance


After a heartbreaking FaceTime call with his son, Michael A. made the difficult decision to remove himself from the competition. Family always comes first.

Michael Allio’s Surprise Departure


Less than halfway through the season, Blake — who originally appeared on season 16 — crashed the show. The Bachelorette sure knows how to keep us on our toes!

Blake Moynes Shows Up


Our Bachelorette found love with Blake in a three-hour long season finale. The happy couple is now engaged.

Katie Finds True Love


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katie thurston opens up about finding true love