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Meet the Cast of How I Met Your Father

The star-studded crew leading the reboot is nothing short of
legen — wait for it — dary.


Taking on the lead part and a producing role, Duff plays Sophie, a hopeless romantic navigating love and friendship.

Hilary Duff as Sophie


The Veronica Mars actor is Jesse, an aspiring musician who drives for Uber on the side. Fans of HIMYM will be excited that Jesse lives in Ted’s old apartment!

Chris Lowell as Jesse


Raisa plays Sophie’s best friend/roommate, a stylist who comes home from London Fashion Week with a cute new guy named Charlie in tow. 

Francia Raisa as Valentina


If hearing the fabulous Sex and the City icon’s voice narrate this show isn’t enough of a draw for you to shell out for Hulu with no ads … we can’t relate.

Kim Cattrall as
Future Sophie


The Royals alumnus takes on the role of Valentina’s boyfriend, a British aristocrat who comes to New York to be with his new girlfriend.

Tom Ainsley as Charlie


You might recognize Sharma from Life of Pi. The actor shows off his funny side in HIMYF as Sid, bar-owner and Jesse’s roommate.

Suraj Sharma as Sid


The comedian and actress stars as Jesse’s sister, who we learn has recently split from her wife and relocated to New York City. 

Tien Tran as Ellen

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