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Meet the 7 Men Who've Played
James Bond

A timeline of the sexiest secret agent in film


Now remembered as one of the greatest Bonds in history, the burly former body-builder was shockingly met by skepticism from 007 novelist Ian Fleming in 1961.

Sean Connery

Still from Goldfinger

Connery’s cunning and stoic portrayal of Bond colored the secret agent’s persona for the successful film franchise that followed. He starred in seven Bond films in total.

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Though Niven would star in just one Bond film, he was author Fleming's first choice to play the international spy.

David Niven

Silver Screen Collection/Getty

Niven’s Bond in Casino Royale, a spoof based on one of Fleming's novels, was an elderly man with a penchant for royal jelly and black roses.

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

Lazenby was cast as Bond in only one film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and received mixed reviews for his stiff performance.

George Lazenby

Larry Ellis/Daily Express/Getty

Despite the criticism, Lazenby was nominated for the Golden Globe for new star of the year in 1970. 

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

In the same way that the prior actors gave their own twist to the character, Moore’s Bond was more elegant and well-mannered than his predecessors.

Roger Moore

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

Moore appeared as Bond in seven films in total, an amount matched only by the original Bond, Sean Connery.

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

Timothy Dalton

Georges De Keerle/Getty

As a classically trained Shakespearean actor, Dalton intensely studied author Fleming’s characterization of Bond before taking on the role.

As Bond, Dalton was cold and unscrupulous, traits more aligned with Fleming's original vision for the trained assassin with a license to kill.

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

Golden Eye, Brosnan’s first stab at the role of 007, garnered the actor high praise from critics.

Pierce Brosnan

Keith Hamshere/Getty 

Brosnan crafted Bond as both suave and gritty, a conglomeration of Connery and Moore’s Bonds before him.

Keith Hamshere/Getty

Before accepting the role as the newest Bond, Craig was a big fan of the series. His era is marked by intense stunts and jaw-dropping action sequences.

Daniel Craig

John Phillips/Getty

His fifth and most recent turn as Bond in No Time to Die is out in theaters now.

Jeff Spicer/Getty

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