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lizzo's best tiktok moments

In celebration of the singer’s 33rd birthday, take a look at some of her best videos.


Happy birthday, Lizzo! While we wish we were with our queen in Las Vegas, where she’s celebrating with girlfriends (all vaccinated!), we’ll settle for rewatching her best TikToks.

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Respectfully, Lizzo reminded fans that she knows how to make money, thank you very much. “I’m a millionaire,” she said in the voiceover. What an icon.


Her friends surprised her on a private plane for a birthday trip. If we ask nicely, can we be part of this elite friend group?


Imagine being on a FaceTime basis with Janelle Monaé. 


Please enjoy this video of Lizzo cackling as she zooms off on a jet ski. Take us with you!


“I miss being extra,” she said in this video as the camera panned down to show her wearing a sweatshirt with herself on it. Because she’s her own soulmate.


When she caused a stir on the Internet after bantering with paparazzi at the Grammys red carpet, she explained that she was only joking around.


While she was twerking by the sea, a bee came near her. Even the great Lizzo is afraid of insects!


We can’t wait to see more TikTok content that’s just as fabulous as Lizzo herself. 


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