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Celebs who embrace punk rock style

It’s the dawning of a new age for the pop-punk aesthetic.


Lots of black and lots of vinyl make the perfect outfit for the girlfriend of Blink-182’s drummer.

Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashian/instagram

You can’t get much more punk rock than said Blink-182 drummer wearing a sweatshirt that reads “Don’t Trust Anyone,” a $uicideboy$ song on which he’s featured.

Travis Barker


Kardashian even tattooed Barker, making their love symbolically permanent.

kourtney kardashian/instagram

Since Fox started dating Machine Gun Kelly in 2020, she’s become closely associated with the punk rock scene. She’s even featured in the music video for “Bloody Valentine.”

Megan Fox

megan fox/instagram

MGK with a neck tattoo is synonymous with punk rock.

Machine Gun Kelly

machine gun kelly/instagram

Fox gave MGK a necklace with her blood in it. That’s hardcore for sure.


The TikTok star, who goes by Jxdn, is Travis Barker’s protégé, so it’s no surprise he’s embraced the punk scene. Check out those Doc Marten boots in this photo by Vincent Mui.

Jaden Hossler


The all-black sweatsuit, the angst … the TikToker embodies the punk attitude.

Nessa Barrett

nessa barrett/instagram

Barrett and Jxdn are dating and have collaborated on her song “La Di Die.” The couple seems like the Gen Z. iteration of MGK and Fox.

nessa barrett/instagram

She demonstrated her rocker vocals on her album Plastic Hearts. Every song on there lives in our heads rent-free. 

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus/instagram

Hey hey, you you, Lavigne is the original punk rocker girl.

Avril Lavigne


Disheveled red hair? Check. Black eyeliner? Check. Leather jacket and angsty attitude? Check and check. 



The singer collaborated with Barker, on her song “Transparent Soul.” Nothing screams rocker quite like a combat boot stomp.

Willow Smith


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