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Dua Lipa’s Impeccable Street Style

The “Don’t Stop Now” singer always brings colors, patterns and fun to her outfits.


Dua Lipa wore a cropped gingham shirt over a red bikini top. This adorable look has us “Levitating.”

Cowgirl Moment


Cowboy boots and shorts are in this summer because Dua said so.


The pop star struck a pose as the spiked seltzer Truly’s newest poster girl in a photoshoot by Lauren Leekley. We’re obsessed with these pink lace-up pants.

Truly Dua


Veering away from her usual bright colors, Dua still brought pizzazz to an outfit with a darker color palette. She could step all over us with those boots.

These Boots Are Made for Walking


She looked so cute in this pink houndstooth crop top and mini skirt set. Where can we get this ’fit? 

Pretty in Pink


I like experimenting with different colors and shapes, and I think that is part of the fun.

to Vogue


We’ve got stars in our eyes looking at this knitted top and funky take on biker shorts for Vogue by Dua’s go-to photographer Lauren Leekley.

On Trend


Of course the “Hallucinate” singer could make a buttoned-up, midi dress look cool. She poked fun at the look, captioning this post, “schools out.”

Little Dua on the Prairie


This green plaid minidress looks like the grown-up, modern take on a Limited Too dress we’d circle in the store’s magazine back in 2006. We have to say, we’re here for it.

Limited Too Revival


This purple blouse is to die for. That paired with patchwork jeans is the perfect outfit for a post-pandemic happy hour. Now if we can only replicate it …

“We’re Ready for the Summer”


Dua slayed the set game once again with this shorts plus button-up top combo. We wish her stylist, Lorenzo Posocco, could dress us every day.

An Ode to Sets


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