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Celebs Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves About Their Partners

Everyone’s got them.


The singer told WSJ Magazine that the actress was so passionate about Lego projects that he had to let her do it her way. “So then I became moral support,” he said.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas


The Outer Banks stars said on the Chicks in the Office podcast that Cline loves pickles, but Stokes doesn't. So Cline will put pickles in her BF's face!

Chase Stokes &
Madelyn Cline


“This is what I say is the most annoying part of my husband, he's almost always right,” Bell shared on The Backstory podcast.

Kristen Bell &
Dax Shepherd


In a Q&A on Addison’s YouTube channel, the former couple revealed what they would change about each other. “I would change your indecisiveness,” Hall replied.

Bryce Hall & Addison Rae


“I wish you were more reliable,” Addison said of her biggest qualm about her ex-boyfriend in the same video. Tea has been spilled.


Although Priyanka thinks it's "sweet," she doesn't love it when Nick stares at her first thing in the morning, she admitted to Entertainment Tonight.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Nick Jonas


 The actress admitted on The Graham Norton Show that she can get “hangry.” When she was losing weight for Les Misérables, she’d pick petty fights with her husband.

Anne Hathaway &
Adam Shulman


When the couple took BuzzFeed’s relationship test, Sabara confessed that he finds Trainor’s burping on business calls to be rude. 

Daryl Sabara &
Meghan Trainor


For Vogue’s “73 Questions,” the singer had to ask her husband what he thinks her best and worst habits are. “Every single day, she’s just on her phone,” he said.

Offset & Cardi B

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"He's a very crazy aggressive cuddler… I get very hot, so I'm crawling to the other side of the bed," Teigen told Entertainment Tonight

Chrissy Teigen &
John Legend


In a YouTube special titled Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, the “Peaches” singer revealed that he won’t be getting more neck tattoos per the request of his wife.

Hailey Bieber &
Justin Bieber


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