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Celebs Reveal Their Worst Outfits Ever

Even stars sometimes make fashion mistakes.


Mrs. Bieber critiqued past looks on her YouTube Channel, including one that gave major Elsa from Frozen vibes.

Hailey Bieber


Pattinson told British GQ that looking back at his 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere outfit still makes him cringe.

Robert Pattinson


"There was a full-on horse-riding outfit I wore at the Kids' Choice Awards [in 2008]," he told PEOPLE. "It was a little bit too old for how young we were.”

Joe Jonas


She told PrideSource that she wasn't happy with the outfits she wore in the '90s. "They did [dress me in a lot of black]," she says of her team at the time.

Mariah Carey


"I remember going on my first red carpet with skinny jeans and sneakers like, 'Awesome!' — this is not a look that I would do ever again,” she told Hollywood Life in 2013.

Selena Gomez


The actress revealed to Health in 2017 that her worst red carpet look was the all-leather outfit she wore to the 2001 Tomb Raider premiere.

Eva Longoria


It was very appropriate for Tomb Raider, but it was almost like I was going to a theme party.

to health

Barry King/WireImage

"Me and Victoria wore matching black leather outfits once. They were Versace," he told H&M Life. "That's one where I look back, like, 'What were we thinking?' "

David Beckham


“I looked like my character [on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody] at all times when I was going out," she told PEOPLE, like her look at the The Incredibles premiere.

Ashley Tisdale


Timberlake told Playboy that the now-iconic all-denim suit that he wore to the 2001 American Music Awards was “another bad choice.” At least he matched with Britney Spears.

Justin Timberlake

lisa rose

Paltrow admitted in a Goop newsletter that she regrets how she styled her Alexander McQueen gown at the 2002 Oscars. "There were a few issues; I still love the dress itself.”

Gwyneth Paltrow


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