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Celebrity wedding crashers

Denzel Washington recently added himself to a long list of stars surprising couples.


The actor jogged into a couple’s wedding photo shoot in March 2021, posing for a quick pic.

denzel washington

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“Old Town Road” played as the singer entered a wedding reception with the bride herself.

Lil Nas X

Amy Sussman/BBMA2020

The lines between fictional movie and reality blurred when the Wedding Crashers star, well, crashed a wedding.

bradley cooper

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Her lyrics have proven her a romantic, so it’s no surprise that Taylor showed up to a wedding at the request of the groom’s sister. 

taylor swift

erica snyder

Much like Edward Cullen crashed into Bella’s life, the actor joined one lucky couple’s wedding day after being spotted at the hotel bar.

robert pattinson

rachel reid/instagram

While soaking up some sun, wedding goers approached Williams to ask her for some photos. She happily agreed, leopard-print bathing suit and all!

serena williams

courtesy serena williams

Frances Canning and her fiancé did send an invitation to the Queen, but she surprised them by actually showing up. 

queen elizabeth

Paul Hackett - WPA

The band crashed weddings around L.A. in the 2015 music video for “Sugar,” though only some of the nuptials were the real deal.

maroon 5

Photo Instagram

Hotel bars seem to be the place to find celebs. One couple ran into Pitt at one and snapped a pic — before he moved upstairs. 

brad pitt

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The Trainwreck duo stumbled upon a wedding party in Dublin and in no time joined an Irish sing-along.

Amy Schumer & Judd Apatow

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