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12 Celeb dating fails

Even stars have awkward first dates.


On a podcast, he recalled hearing wife Katherine Schwarzenegger’s laugh for the first time: “I was like, 'Does she have an issue? … This is why she's single.”

Chris Pratt

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 In her book, Alicia Keys recalled her first date with her husband: "I arrived at twelve on the dot. Swizz ... finally came strutting in at 12:20."

Swizz Beatz

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She told MTV about a date as a teen when she drank an Icee too fast: “He looked at me while I was slowly vomiting.”

Jennifer Lawrence

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On Instagram, the singer recalled the time her date took her to see Ouija Board. She hid under a blanket the entire time!

Camila Cabello

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On The Daily Show, Aniston admitted to Jon Stewart that she thought a “date” they went on years ago was actually a group activity.

Jennifer Aniston

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Nicole Kidman confronted him on The Tonight Show for being mute on what she thought was a date. "You wouldn’t say anything," she remembered.

Jimmy Fallon 

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 "I wrote on a piece of paper, ‘Do you want to be my friend or my boyfriend or nothing?' ... He circled ‘nothing,'" Reed told Glamour about her 2nd grade “date."

Nikki Reed

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"I went bowling on a double date ... I got excited and I accidentally threw the ball the wrong way —  backward," she told the Huffington Post. It happens!

Jessie J

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“I went with this one guy and he looked like a lizard," Spears said on The Jonathan Ross Show.  "I had to go.”

Britney Spears

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 “I fell asleep on his shoulder, and I slobbered and snored,” she told HuffPo. “He shouldn’t have taken me to see There’s Something About Mary for my third time."

Kelly Rowland

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"I matched this huge guy drink for drink, and then I ended up throwing up on myself but not really knowing about it,” she told PEOPLE of her college formal.

Vanessa Bayer


“I spilled popcorn all over the both of us,” Simpson told Hollywire TV about his most embarrassing date moment. “I was just really clumsy. I was nervous.” 

Cody Simpson

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