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Diana Pearl & Cai Cramer


Celebrities Who Lived Together

And they were roommates! 


The Windfall actor told Jimmy Kimmel that he and Hart were asked to live together briefly in 2001 while shooting a TV pilot.

Jason Segal & Kevin Hart

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“ your former roommate I really miss this,” Jones commented on her famous friend’s video of him singing around his house. We love a supportive bestie!

Rashida Jones &
Oliver Hudson


Before hitting it big with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (for Bloom) and Broad City (for Glazer) they were just two aspiring actresses bunking together in Brooklyn.

Rachel Bloom &
Ilana Glazer


The handsome pair of Brits left the U.K. together and rented an apartment — excuse us, a flat — in L.A. while they were trying to make it big.

Jamie Dornan &
Eddie Redmayne


Being roommates with Dornan must be some kind of good luck charm, because his second roommate, Spider-Man actor Garfield, also found fame.

Jamie Dornan &
Andrew Garfield 


Believe it or not, the actress and the U.S. Senator from New York shared a place when they both studied abroad in Beijing as students at Dartmouth. 

Connie Britton &
Kirsten Gillibrand


The Oscar-winning pals met through their boyfriends in the 80s but, Hunter told Vulture, “We broke up with our boyfriends and Fran moved in with me. We had a blast.” 

Holly Hunter &
Frances McDormand 

The former Disney darlings signed a lease together back in the day, but Lohan was barely ever in the apartment, according to the That’s So Raven actress.

Raven-Symoné &
Lindsay Lohan


Hollywood’s favorite acting besties were once roomies, writing their claim-to-fame screenplay, Good Will Hunting, in their former home in Eagle Rock.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck


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