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CElebrities who contributed to tiktok trends

These stars aren’t about to be left out of the app’s crazes.


The singer graced us with the “More Than a Woman” challenge. Using the Bee Gees’ song, she encouraged black women to feel themselves just like the song inspired her to.


Kevin Mazur/Getty


His song “Call Me By Your Name” blew up online and prompted LGBTQ+ folks to reveal the subject of their sexual awakenings on TikTok. Lil Nas X’s was Danny Phantom.

Lil Nas X

Steve Granitz/WireImage


The model came a little late to the “corvette, corvette” game set to Popp Hunna’s “Adderall,” but nonetheless she slayed a video of herself and fellow model Riley Montana dancing.

Hailey Bieber



She passed the phone to boyfriend Travis Barker and his kids. Alabama Barker originally posted the video, keeping her dad and Kardashian up to date on the latest trends.

Kourtney Kardashian



Cabello and her choreographer, Calvit Hodge, literally flipped the switch with Quavo’s song “Flip the Switch,” changing places and clothes. Hodge rocked that ponytail.

Camila Cabello



TikTok enthusiast Alba got her friend Kelly Sawyer to pass the phone. The two got some good-natured jabs at each other (and revealed some secrets).

Jessica Alba

Phillip Faraone/Getty


Along with the rest of the Black-ish cast, Brown posted a TikTok of the on-screen family throwing it back.

Miles Brown

Richard Cartwright via Getty


He woke up in the morning, thinking about so many things. Smith joined the Gia Giudice trend, revealing an embarrassing moment.

Will Smith

Paras Griffin/Getty


Mitchell tried to keep up with what the kids are doing, but after attempting a backbend she collapsed to the floor in mock pain.

Shay Mitchell

Monica Schipper/E! Entertainment


The actress brought the heat to the “buss it” challenge with the Erica Banks song “Buss It” that inspired TikTokers to show off their hottest looks.

Gabrielle Union

Toni Anne Barson/WireImage


The singer pranked his dog, Ice, by pretending to put him on a diet. The disappointed look on Ice’s face says it all.

Jason Derulo

Alexander Tamargo/Getty 


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