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Ahead of HBO Max’s revival, recall Sarah Jessica Parker’s
on-screen fashions.

It’s an iconic season 3: fur coat, reptile-print boots and large brooch. Of course, a Dior shopping bag sits  next to her.

on her brownstone steps

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Carrie rocked this summery floral dress, the perfect look for a lunch in Central Park — or a swim in the boating pond with Big.

floral fun

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Never one to shy away from tutus, Carrie graced the streets of Paris in this extravagant look from the final season. 

prima ballerina

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Not all of Carrie’s looks were hits: One glance at this outfit and you’re transported back to the homecoming dance circa 1986.

swing and a miss

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Carrie’ went back to basics in this simple, long black coat and black heeled boots.

back in black

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With so many patterns and textures in this jacket, it’s hard to see what pulled it all together.

more isn't always better

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One can never go wrong with a cozy sweater paired with a miniskirt and ankle booties. Carrie gave us major cowboy vibes in the best way.

western chic

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We couldn't help but wonder, how did SJP manage to make even the wackiest color scheme so chic?

bold and brash

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While this look was unfortunately acceptable for 2003, it doesn’t hold up today. Anyone else reminded of a Neapolitan ice cream block? 

ice cream, you scream

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The gray tube top and boring, baggy pants are saved by the chunky, red statement necklace.

a little bit of spice

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Glittery pink pants are a risk, but if anyone can pull them off, it's SJP.

fancy pants

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I got to wear such incredible things, and you make such mistakes and there's such hits and great triumphs ...

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... and there's incredible wrong, wrong, wrong. But it’s so much fun.

to harper's bazaar

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