Find Out How Jeremy Roloff Bonded with His Twin in the Final Days Before Zach Became a Dad

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

The Little People, Big World family is getting bigger!

Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed son Jackson Kyle on May 12 and now Zach’s twin brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey are expecting a baby girl in September.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode of LPBW, the brothers and their wives get together for one of their last gatherings without any children.

“One thing we’re really excited about when we’re here at the farm is just being able to hang out with Zach and Tori. Zach and I are entering the same season of life together,” Jeremy says in the clip, which was shot at Zach and Tori’s home before Tori gave birth.

“We used to be kids hanging out then we’re husbands and wives hanging out and now we’re entering this next season of parents hanging out,” Jeremy adds. “I think we’re in that moment of realizing, ‘Wow. This is the last couple hangouts we’re going to have until we’re parents.’ ”

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Tori is eager to show off all the clothes they have bought for Jackson.

“I didn’t really think boys clothes would be this fun,” she admits.

There is one warm-looking onesie that Jeremy particularly likes. Zach says it was one that he picked out and Tori expresses it’s one of her favorites, as well.

“The only thing is I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to use it that much because we’re going into summer. But if he’s [a Little Person], though, he’ll get … a lot of use out of it,” she says.

“There is reason to believe that their kiddo is going to be a dwarf,” Jeremy explains. “I don’t know what to think about that yet. That’s just crazy, even with Zach being a little person, that’s still really rare.”

“There’s not an LP in that belly,” he tells Tori.

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But ultimately Jackson, like Zach, was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” says Zach tells PEOPLE. “But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it.”

Males with achondroplasia grow to an average height of 4 ft., 4 in. with a normal lifespan, and babies may have breathing problems and delays in muscle development. Zach knows the genetic condition will make Jackson’s life tougher, but “I want people to know that he’s just like his dad: being a dwarf is just part of the whole package of who he is.”

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Zach and his wife Tori, who is average size, knew going into the pregnancy that their child would have a 50 percent chance of inheriting achondroplasia. When Jackson was diagnosed during an ultrasound at 34 weeks, the couple told their family, but waited until after the birth to discuss the diagnosis publicly.

“We knew our chances of having a dwarf, but it didn’t matter,” says Tori. “We just knew we wanted to be parents, however God wanted it to happen.”

Now the Roloffs hope their story will help educate and reassure other parents of dwarfs.

“Tons of parents email me to say what an inspiration we are for their kids, showing that it’s possible for them to get married and have a family,” says Zach. “The other day we met a couple who have a dwarf child. They started watching our show and it made them feel that it was all going to be okay.”

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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