Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed son Jackson Kyle last month

By Natalie Stone
June 09, 2017 03:26 PM

Baby Jackson Kyle Roloff is less than a month old, but his little personality is already shining through!

Last month, PEOPLE exclusively revealed that Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their son on May 14. Though the Little People, Big World stars were uncertain of what to anticipate in bringing home their first child, they’ve quickly adapted to becoming new parents.

“It felt super surreal and natural the first time I held baby Jackson,” Zach, 27, says in a new TLC video, in which he holds his sleeping son. “Infants I always thought were fragile and hard to hold, but with your own child, it’s super confident.”

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Initially, the pair were on different pages as to what to call their son prior to his birth, but when the name Jackson was thrown in the mix of options, they happily agreed.

“We just liked the name. We couldn’t really decide on boy names together and Jackson was literally the only one that we could,” Tori, 26, explains. “We liked the name Jack, but now we kinda don’t think we’re going to call him Jack. We’ll probably end up calling him Jackson.”

Amanda Friedman

Like his father, Jackson was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. (Males with the genetic condition grow an average height of 4’4″ with a normal lifespan, and babies may have breathing problems and delays in muscle development.)

“Baby Jackson came in as [a little person] … just like me. Yeah, we’re super excited for it, though,” Zach says in the video. “We’ll hope to just give him a healthy, happy life and support him in every way. He can experience as much as the world as Tori and me have been able to and hopefully much more.”

Says Zach: “That’s our goal for him. He might have to take two steps for everyone else’s one step, but hopefully we’ll be able to raise him in a way where that won’t stop him.”

“Just like daddy!” Tori adds with a smile.

But although Jackson takes after his father in some ways, he mirrors his mother in others — specifically when it comes to personality.

“Seems like a pretty stubborn kid already, so I think he’s got it under control,” Tori says about her little boy.

“He comes after his mom — he doesn’t like to be told what to do,” says Zach.

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In the weeks since bringing him home, things have “been pretty easy” with Jackson, “minus when he’s hungry,” says Tori.

“Feeding’s been alright. Changing the diapers, I knew I was going to be a professional, and that’s what it turned out to be,” Zach admits.

And Tori couldn’t agree more: “Zach is a professional!”

After welcoming Jackson into the world, Zach opened up to PEOPLE about how his own childhood prepared him to be a dad to a child with dwarfism.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” Zach said. “But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it.”

But Roloff is glad the world is a little gentler than when he was growing up.

“The world is changing. People are more open to diversity,” said the reality star and soccer coach. “Whatever he wants to do, we’re going to find a way to help him do it. That’s our job in life now.”

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