Somewhere, a dentist's office has a new waiting room greeting

Credit: NBC

By now, the story of Wish I Was Here, Zach Braff‘s partially crowdfunded sophomore film, is well-known, which is why we’re happy Braff is digging into some of the details of the campaign.

Details that include the odd requests made by donors.

Braff was on Late Night Monday, and he revealed one of the more unique requests made by a donor regarding one of the “perks” for making a donation: Specifically, a personalized voicemail recorded by Braff.

“I had this one who was a dentist, and he wanted me to read, like, a greeting for the people in his waiting room,” Braff told Seth Meyers.

“So I did it. I was like, ‘Welcome to Dr. Shapiro’s office Please turn off your cell phone.”

There has been some controversy over whether or not the rewards promised to the film’s backers have been arriving in a timely fashion, though one backer told NBC that Braff has been “very open, appreciative, and communicative with backers.”

Wish I Was Here is currently in limited release.