The trio starred as teen girls in an installment of Fallon's "Ew" segment


If there’s one thing Monty Python taught us about comedy, it’s that ungainly men dressed as women will always be funny.

Jimmy Fallon has learned that lesson well. The Tonight Show host had Zac Efron and Seth Rogen on Tuesday to promote their new film Neighbors and, somehow, the three of them wound up dressed as teenage girls, dancing.

Fallon’s “Ew” segment portrays him as the host of a Teen Nick show; it’s a role he inhabits disturbingly well. He, Rogen and Efron deemed mutual friend James Franco totally “ew” during the segment, before dancing to Lil Jon’s currently inescapable hit, “Turn Down for What.”

You can watch the full clip below, and check out more of Rogen and Efron’s antics in Neighbors, in theaters May 9.

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