April 17, 2018 12:45 PM

GloZell Green has been creating viral YouTube videos for 10 years. From taking the cinnamon challenge and offering Sistah Inspiration to interviewing Barack Obama and Justin Timberlake, Green pioneered the art of the YouTube influencer, all while rocking her signature bright green lips and outfits.

Now Green — who’s lost 75 lbs. and welcomed daughter O’Zell in August 2016 after sharing her fertility journey online — decided that her 10-year YouTube anniversary warranted a shakeup, which she calls a “glow up.” In an exclusive video, the comedian shares her new, less green look, featuring a muted lip shade, a fresh hairsyle and an elegant wardrobe.

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Katharine Hayden

“I like to think of it as an evolution more than a change,” Green, 45, tells PEOPLE. “The truth is, and my audience has been seeing this happen in real time over the last couple of years, my life has evolved a lot — my career, motherhood, age! I’m really excited to share this new and more authentic version of myself with my audience and the world.”

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She promises, however, “that green lipstick will never be fully retired! I have nothing but gratitude for it. I will say, I’m enjoying playing with different looks. And yes, not waking up with glitter all over my pillowcase will be nice too!”

The Is You Okay? author credits her daughter with helping her say fit. “I’ve been working hard on my health and wellness and it feels great to see and feel the progress,” says Green, born GloZell Lyneette Simon. “75 lbs. down and counting! It feels good to let go of that which was holding me back. I have a 20-month-old little girl who inspires me to stay healthy and active, so that makes it effortless.”

Katharine Hayden

Green doesn’t think her toddler, who she shares with husband Kevin Simon, noticed the change, though. “I’m not sure that O’Zell sees me differently,” she says. “I think I’m just ‘Mama’ no matter what I look like. As for SK, I’m so lucky to have a husband as supportive as he is. He’s made me feel beautiful through it all, and boy has he seen it all! Having said that, I think he’s enjoying seeing me more active and healthy.”

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