'Younger' Season 3 Heats Up with a Messy (Sexy!) Love Triangle for Liza

The suspense and style reaches new heights in Season 3 trailer


The Younger Season 3 trailer has landed! If you’re not caught up, stop right now, go back and binge watch the first two seasons, because you’re not going to want to miss the new episodes.

Touted by some as “Sex and the City for a new generation,” the series, from SATC creator Darren Star, follows Liza, (Sutton Foster) a 40-year-old divorcee who goes back to the publishing world to follower her dreams.

The one catch? She’s pretending to be a 26-year-old millennial. And this season, the fashion is bigger, Liza’s lies are getting deeper and the “Team Josh” vs. “Team Charles” debate is getting so. much. hotter.

As Liza continues to hide her real identity from her work world, she struggles to maintain her friendship with Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and relationship with Josh (Nico Tortorella). Plus her hot 40-something boss Charles (Peter Hermann ) has a thing for her and considering they’re actually the same age and he looks like that Liza is conflicted. (Who wouldn’t be?)

Will her worlds collide? Will all her skeletons be unearthed? Will Kelsey find love again after Thad’s death? All will be revealed we hope. And if not, there is still enough outfit inspiration to keep us going (stayed tuned for a tour of the costume closet!).

Younger Season 3 premieres September 28th on TV Land.

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