"They're contractually obliged to give me as many kiss scenes as possible this season. I wrote it into my contract," Sprouse said of playing Jughead on Riverdale

Cole Sprouse is taking a trip down memory lane.

Before the 25-year-old got his starring role as Jughead Jones on Riverdale, he played Ross Geller’s adorable son, Ben, on Friends.


On Wednesday, Sprouse sat down with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the morning show he first visited in 1999 around the age of 7.

“When I had a bowl cut as a baby and a bunch of other things,” Sprouse said about his first appearance on Live with twin, Dylan, when the brothers both wore similarly printed shirts and had blonde locks.


“Something that surprised me, I had no idea and I watched Friends growing up, but you were Ross’ son on Friends,” Seacrest said.

“I was. I played Ross’ son, yeah,” said Sprouse. “It was a good gig.”

In a flashback clip from his days on the comedy, audiences watched Sprouse act opposite Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green.

“When you were a baby, you and I used to hang out all the time, because I was your daddy’s girlfriend,” Aniston said in the clip.

“But you’re not anymore,” a young Sprouse hilariously fired back. “Because you guys were on a break.”

The actor also gave Riverdale fans a glimpse into what they can expect to see in the series’ second season — including lots of kissing.

“They’re contractually obliged to give me as many kiss scenes as possible this season. I wrote it into my contract,” Sprouse said with a smile.

Live with Kelly and Ryan

“First season, [Jughead] intentionally took a stance against getting involved with anyone or anything. He objected against a lot of that, but this new school is sort of forcing his hand and making him take action, which is something he’s kind of fundamentally against,” he explained.

Sprouse added of his character: “He has to make some choices that are morally grey and that are going to involve him into a larger world of possible villainy that he has to address. He’s got a foot on the north side of the town and a foot on the south side, which kind of makes him an intermediary between an impending civil war. And he also gets to kiss.”

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