'You' Season 3 Star Shalita Grant Breaks Down That Foursome Scene: 'I Was Totally Down for It'

"Everybody was on the same page about what the boundaries were," the actress tells PEOPLE


WARNING: This article contains spoilers from season 3 of Netflix's You.

Shalita Grant is getting to show her wild side — and loving it.

The 33-year-old Tony-nominated actress joined the cast of You for season 3 of the hit Netflix drama, supplying shade as the over-the-top Sherry Conrad. She's a Type A, mommy-blogging influencer who causes eye rolls and headaches for new suburban residents Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn (Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti).

As it's later revealed, Sherry and her husband Cary (Travis Van Winkle) are swingers, and they convince Joe and Love to host a foursome — though it quickly goes off the rails after they overhear the couple talking about being actual murderers.

Grant's reaction when she found out she'd be partaking in the steamy scene? "Alright, bring it!" she tells PEOPLE.

"It was a scene we were all looking forward to," she continues. "I know for some people, the whole swinging of it all may be crazy. For me, I'm buck-wild."

The actors worked with an intimacy coordinator on set to break down the sequence and "talked about everything, even the kind of kiss that we would do," Grant says.

"Everybody was on the same page about what the boundaries were," she continues. "And I love that, because there's so much that can happen within those boundaries. I was totally down for it."


Grant, who is gay, jokes of locking lips with Badgley, 34, for the scene: "You know, I had a straight period, so I just faked it like I did back then. All that hair — it's not practical. There were a lot of takes where I was pulling stuff out of my teeth!"

"It was fun for Sherry, I suppose," she adds with a laugh. "But for me, I was like, 'Alright, this is a one and done. I ain't doing this again.'"

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Grant says portraying the swingers lifestyle came with some pressure, because she didn't want people to walk away thinking it's just about "having sex with a lot of different people." She says, "It's a power thing."

"And it's about the relationships. For a lot of couples, they can't make it past 'that one night.' There are a lot of things that come up," she continues. "The idea of swinging really draws a focus on monogamy and why people require monogamy; the fears behind their partners experiencing something with another partner."

Grant enjoyed playing a "terrible" person on the show, she says, though she's glad viewers can eventually gather that she's a complex character not deserving of all the initial hate. And when she watched the show with her partner, MMA fighter Jessica Aguilar, it garnered quite the reaction.

"She literally punches women in the face, for the last 20 years almost, right? She looks at me [while watching You] and she's like, 'You're so mean!' I was like, 'Whatever, girl!'" recalls Grant. "That's saying something!"

"It's less about the giddiness of, 'Oh my God, we're about to have a foursome,'" Grant adds. "It's now we're in the inner sanctum of [fictional town] Madre Linda, and Joe and Love just flip the script on us."

You, which was recently picked up for season 4, is streaming on Netflix.

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