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You, Me & My Ex stars Jennifer and her wife, Chantel, have some big news to share with Jennifer's ex-husband, Josh, and his wife, Danielle.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's episode of the TLC series, Jennifer and Chantel reveal to Josh and Danielle that Chantel is expecting. The news comes after Josh served as the couple's sperm donor.

"You want to tell them, or should I tell them?" Chantel asks Jennifer, who responds, "No, you tell them!"

Chantel says, "Well, I'm pregnant."

Josh and Danielle approach Jennifer and Chantel to give them congratulatory hugs. "I was really excited," Danielle says in a confessional. "We're just glad that we could help provide the resources and make it happen for them."

You, Me & My Ex
Credit: TLC

After thanking her ex for serving as their sperm donor, Jennifer asks how Danielle feels about the baby on the way. "I feel like reality is kind of hitting at this point," Danielle says. "And now, you know, biologically, [Josh is] going to be a dad again."

Jennifer, however, maintains that while Josh is biologically tied to the child, he "will not" be the baby's actual father.

You, Me & My Ex
Credit: TLC

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In a group confessional, Danielle says Josh will have "consistent influence" over Jennifer and Chantel's baby's life.

"I do still have a little bit of a feeling that when the baby's born, you know, your instinctual emotions might kick in and make you feel attached or emotional about the baby," she tells ehr husband as he replies, "I don't think there's going to be any emotional [attachment]. Like, I say this now, I don't know. I've never done this before."

You, Me & My Ex
Credit: TLC

Outside the confessional, Josh suggests that he'll likely be involved due to his and Danielle's current dynamic with Jennifer and Chantel. From there, Jennifer discloses her and Chantel's plan for eventually explaining Josh's relation to their child.

"Honestly, I feel like if you tell them young enough and they grow up knowing the whole situation, then it's not weird to them," Jennifer says as Josh chimes in, "Yeah, but it's tough to explain to a 4-year-old that, 'He's your dad, but you can't call him dad.'"

"We'll give them the truth [and] say, 'We used this person's DNA to create you in a different way that other parents do,'" Chantel says.

You, Me & My Ex
Credit: TLC

You, Me & My Ex, which premiered last month on TLC, explores the complex dynamics between former couples amid their current relationships.

Jennifer and Josh were previously married for five years. Not long after their separation, Jennifer realized she was attracted to women and later fell in love with her colleague, Chantel. Josh, for his part, moved on with Danielle. A few months into their relationship, they found out that she was pregnant.

Jennifer and Josh then came to an agreement with their new partners to try to maintain a calm and stable environment for the sake of Josh and Jennifer's son. When Jennifer and Chantel decided they wanted a baby of their own, they asked Josh if he would donate his sperm to the cause.

"There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help your family achieve one of their goals in life," Josh and Danielle tell PEOPLE exclusively. "Josh and I are ecstatic that this process worked & cannot wait for this next chapter!"

Jennifer and Chantel add, "We are forever grateful for Josh and Danielle to have decided to help make our dreams of growing our family come true. We felt like it was never going to work and we are over the moon that we are EX-pecting!" 

You, Me & My Ex airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on TLC.