"She gave the Wu some tang," Nathan Sellers said

By Alex Heigl
April 13, 2015 11:30 AM

Nathan Sellers and Lia Palmquist certainly brought the ruckus to Friday’s episode of Divorce Court, when Sellers accused his girlfriend of sleeping with the entirety of the Wu-Tang Clan. (Specifically, he said “She gave the Wu some tang” – we also would have accepted some kind of 36 Chambers-based pun.)

Palmquist told Judge Lynn Toler that while she was out with the group on their tour bus and in their hotel until 7 a.m. on the night (er, morning) in question, nothing untoward occurred.

“Nothing inappropriate happened, and let me just put on the record that Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen,” Palmquist explained. (It should also be noted that they are nothing to f— with.) “They treated me highly [respectfully]. I would never cheat on him,” she continued to say, motioning to her live-in boyfriend. “I would never be a bust-down or a groupie in that type of situation.”

“Do you believe her,” Divorce Court‘s YouTube channel asks flatly. The odd thing is that Palmquist is the plaintiff in the case: She was seeking $3,500 from Sellers, based on her claim that he gave her bedbugs. Judge Toler ruled in favor of Sellers, and while we’ve been trying to work in a lyrical reference to “C.R.E.A.M.,” it’s starting to feel forced. Watch the full episode below and decide for yourself.