The Cast of 'The Hunger Games' Sang Taylor Swift with Woody Harrelson on 'SNL'

Harrelson gets to don a dreadlock wig, so there's that


Woody Harrelson stopped by Saturday Night Live this week and – like most things this week – he got Taylor Swift involved.

Harrelson’s monologue was a musical reminiscence of his 1989, most of which apparently involved doing drugs and hanging with the cast of Cheers. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth show up. Honestly, if there was a cameo by Grumpy Cat, this would be the most zeitgeist-y SNL skit in history.

“You’re watching MTV, your DVR must be empty.” That’s about the tenor of this MTV parody, that features a series of dating show contestants suddenly confronted with the fact that the host of the show is the female contestant’s father.

N.Y.C. recently legalized marijuana – to a degree. That’s the hook for this sketch, which features a few Big Apple potheads re-discovering the outside world in light of the new law. Unfortunately, they realize that’s not exactly all it’s cracked up to be, but not before we see Woody Harrelson wearing a dreadlocks wig and a Funyun flag.

Stories about how much New York has changed are an online cottage industry in and of themselves, so watching a city institution like SNL tackle the city’s changing landscape was great.

Kendrick Lamar (introduced as “my man” by Woody Harrelson) turned in a crushing performance of “I,” though his blackout contact lenses were a little odd, particularly since they were paired with a bright pink T-shirt.

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