But seriously, is McCovey still off the table?

By Julia Emmanuele
Updated August 05, 2015 07:25 PM
Fred Savage in The Wonder Years

Cue up the internal monologue – it’s time to head back down memory lane to The Wonder Years.

Fred Savage, who’s promoting his new Fox fall show The Grinder as part of this year’s TCA Summer Tour, took a moment yesterday to reminisce about his six seasons as Kevin Arnold on the classic coming-of-age series. The venue: Savage’s Twitter. The reunion fervor? As ever, at a fever pitch.

While Savage, 39, did open the floor to anyone who wanted to ask questions about Wizard, Little Monsters and The Princess Bride questions also,” the real focus of the evening was answering ’80s kids’ burning questions about the show they grew up with. And with reboot fever taking over Hollywood, it wasn’t long before someone asked the question on everyone’s mind: Could there ever be a Wonder Years reboot with an older Kevin?

Sadly (and once again), no. Well, at least not one with Savage involved.

Unlike his younger brother, Ben – who reprised his role as Cory Matthews for Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World – Savage doesn’t plan on donning Kevin’s jacket again any time soon. “You can never go back to your adolescence,” he Tweeted. “That’s what makes it so special and painful and pristine. Same goes for TWY.”

Luckily for Wonder Years fans, there were still plenty of other (less heartbreaking) answers and TV trivia to share

He finally revealed the whereabouts of Kevin’s jacket …

Savage revealed that The Wonder Years got him a job directing the cult hit It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia:

As well as the origins of Wayne Arnold’s (Jason Hervey) “affectionate” nickname for his younger brother…

As well as why he thinks the show has endured for so long:

Now to the meatier questions: Which episodes of the show are Savage’s favorites?

Finally, Savage made sure to answer the single most important Wonder Years question of all: Is McCovey still off the table?

Some things never change.

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The Grinder

, also starring Rob Lowe, premieres Sept. 29 on Fox.