Witney Carson Shares the Keys to Her Happy Marriage — and Reveals When She Hopes to Have Kids!

"In order to build that good relationship, you always have to be partners — you have to be companions to each other and love and trust one another and communicate how you're feeling," Witney Carson said of her marriage

Witney Carson is sharing the keys to her happy marriage with husband Carson McAllister.

Two years ago, the Dancing with the Stars pro tied the knot with her high school sweetheart during a three-part celebration in the Salt Lake City area on New Year’s Day.

But before the couple got married, they “weren’t sure” if their relationship “was going to work out,” she admitted in a Valentine’s Day vlog.

After they graduated high school, McAllister spent two years in Romania on a mission with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while Carson, 24, went on to compete on the Fox reality dance competition So You Think You Can Dance. During that time, they kept in touch.

Upon his return back to the U.S., Carson said “we were kind of skeptical” of their relationship. “Our first date when he came home, I took him to a grocery store.”

“It was the most awkward first date ever, because it felt like we still knew each other but things had changed so much. After a few more dates, it started to get a little bit more comfortable and then I invited him to Cancun with my family. That was the trip that we really knew that we were meant for each other and that we wanted to get married to each other,” she shared in the video.

Six months later, the couple was engaged, and three months after that they tied the knot. “We just didn’t waste any time,” she said.

Of the countless things the pro dancer appreciates about her husband, she said that “what I really love about Carson is his positivity and how fun he is. He always makes any situation positive and fun.”

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As for McAllister, he loves that his wife “cares for so many people around her, including myself. … She truly does put me first, even over herself. And that is very special to me about her.”

In addition to their engagement and wintry wedding, the couple also discussed the keys to their happy marriage.

“What’s important to me in a good relationship would be probably service. That shows true love and also builds the love that’s already there,” said McAllister, who also noted “putting each other first, definitely.”

Added Carson: “And also being able to trust and communicate with one another because we’re not perfect at all and there’s things that, in order to build that good relationship, you always have to be partners — you have to be companions to each other and love and trust one another and communicate how you’re feeling. And making sure that your goals align I think for us is a big one too: what do we want in this life that’s most important to us? And that’s building a great family with good standards and good beliefs.”

Said the DWTS star: “It’s also hard with my career. It’s so important, it’s so stressful and we’re trying to make that a priority, but at the end of the day, family is most important. And so I think for us, over these two years we’ve kind of really tried to make that a point and really important that we always put one another first and one another’s needs before our own.”

WATCH: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Witney Carson Ties the Knot on New Years Day

While the couple hopes to one day grow their family, they aren’t in any rush to have kids.

“We don’t know, but we just kind of have to play it by ear because everything’s so crazy right now. It’s like we’re not really settled at all. But we do want kids,” said Carson, who praised McAllister as “a kid magnet.”

“It’s only because I’m like a human jungle gym,” he joked, referencing his tall frame.

As for how many children the pair is hoping for, Carson said, “I think we want three or four would be a safe number to say.”

“No more than four,” added McAllister. “As long as we get one of both genders, I’ll be happy.”

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