Why TLC's Family of 12 Thinks Sibling Rivalry Is a 'Good' Thing

The star of The Willis Family says there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition among family

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When it comes to a little friendly competition between his 11 brothers and sisters, Jeremiah Willis is all about it.

“When channeled correctly, sibling rivalry can be a great thing,” the 22-year-old tells PEOPLE of his musically inclined family.

And, as the second eldest child in the 14-member Willis clan, Jeremiah (or “Jair”) has had a lot of experience when it comes to keeping the peace between his siblings.

“We really do inspire each other,” he says in an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode of TLC’s The Willis Family, which follows the family both at home in Tennessee and on the road to promote their third album.

“Maybe it’s through rivalry,” he adds, “but its still inspiration.”

And eldest sister Jessica, who’s the lead singer in the band, agrees.

“Any time we do something as a band or even just as a family, there are a lot of creative ideas and talents out on the table that we have to work with,” she says. “It can be both fun and challenging!”

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The Willis Family

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