Willie Geist's jokes didn't exactly land in the writers' room

March 03, 2016 10:45 AM

Live from New York … it’s Willie Geist!

The Feb. 13 episode of Saturday Night Live may have made headlines for performer Kanye West‘s dressing room outburst, but behind the scenes, the Today show co-anchor was dealing with the cast’s diva-like behavior.

Geist, 40, gave Today viewers the inside scoop on his internship Thursday morning, starting with a backstage greeting by Cecily Strong.

“Oh, no hugs because you are an intern today,” Strong, 32, reprimanded Geist. “Welcome to SNL, they don’t get to hug me. … You’re going to get me coffee and who knows what else. It’s a crazy place.”

He learned how to make cue cards before stopping by the wardrobe department, where he donned a pink leotard and giant foam costume of a candy heart bearing the words “Be Mine.”

“Yesterday I was in New Hampshire covering a presidential primary,” he told the designer. “And here I am today.”

Geist then took a coveted chair in the SNL writers’ room, where his corny jokes only earned awkward silences (and more coffee orders).

After hearing a segment would be filmed in Garfield, New Jersey, Geist cracked, “Garfield, ha, bet they don’t like Mondays there.”


He then tried to bounce ideas off Weekend Update‘s Colin Jost and Michael Che.

“Cool if I sit down, guys?” he asked eagerly. “I’m the new intern.”

“Yeah, I mean you came in without knocking, so that’s great,” said a stone-faced Jost, 33, who mistakenly called him “Gillie.”

Before returning to his day job, Geist stood on the SNL stage and pretended to be a host opening the show – until Taran Killam told him to get lost.

“Hey intern, intern, do you see a coffee in my hand?” the 33-year-old comedian asked. “I need a coffee in my hand. Okay? Blue Bottle. Gimme New Orleans. Thank you. Off the stage, cast only. No, Wally. Please leave.”

Today airs weekday mornings, and SNL airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET, both on NBC.

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