TheĀ Star Trek actor wed his fourth wife in 2001

William Shatner‘s fourth marriage is over.

After more than 18 years of marriage, the 88-year-old Star Trek actor has filed for divorce from his wife Elizabeth Shatner, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. In the documents, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Shatner lists their date of separation as Feb. 1, 2019.

According to the documents, the couple has a prenuptial agreement and neither William — who has an estimated worth of $100 million — nor Elizabeth will receive any spousal support from each other.

PEOPLE is out to William’s rep for comment.

Elizabeth, a former horse trainer whom William wed in Lebanon, Indiana, in 2001, is the actor’s fourth wife;. He was previously married to Gloria Rand (1956-1969), with whom he has three children; Marcy Lafferty (1973-1996); and Nerine Kidd (1997-1999).

William Shatner, Elizabeth Shatner
William Shatner and Elizabeth Shatner
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Kidd, a former model who battled addiction struggles, died Aug. 9, 1999. The actor came home that night and found his wife naked and unconscious at the bottom of their pool, with authorities saying alcohol contributed to the accidental drowning. An autopsy concluded that she was legally drunk at the time of her death, which was ruled an accident.

In 2016, William revisited the painful experience, telling host John Fugelsang on SiriusXM’s Tell Me Everything that no one can understand the agony an addict goes through.

“I don’t understand the agony. I am empathetic to the agony. I am in agony myself, not about drinking … but whatever my agonies are,” Wlliam said.

He said that his Star Trek costar Leonard Nimoy, who struggled with addiction during his life, helped William try to pick up the pieces after his wife’s death.

“Leonard helped me try to understand, Yes, agony belongs to all of us. Agony is party of the soul,” the actor said. “Somebody who hasn’t felt agony hasn’t lived. Hasn’t participated in what life is. But there is a special agony for somebody who wants to give up the addiction and can’t. The shame that they must feel. The self-degradation.”

TMZ first reported the news of William and Elizabeth’s split.