William Hung Weighs In on 'American Idol' 's Cancellation

"It's unfortunate that American Idol had to come to an end," says the "She Bangs" singer

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty

In the 14 seasons of American Idol, very few auditions have been as memorable as William Hung‘s.

The season 3 contestant was deemed one of the worst singers by Simon Cowell for his off-key performance of Ricky Martin‘s “She Bangs.”

Despite the negative comments he received on the show, Hung, 32, still has a sincere appreciation for the reality singing competition, which Fox announced would not be returning after next season.

“I feel sad because American Idol is such a big icon, not just in America, but across the entire world,” he tells PEOPLE.

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However, he admits he hasn’t been watching the show.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t because I have to spend most of my time studying for my MBA, but I’ve definitely been tracking the news,” says Hung. “It’s unfortunate that American Idol had to come to an end.”

After getting the boot on his season, Hung went on to release a full-length cover album as well as a Christmas album, and later became a math teacher.

He now works part time at the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services while working on his MBA through an online program with New York’s Marist College. He expects to complete his MBA by the end of this year.

Hung recently married his wife, Jian Teng, and the two hope to start a family soon.

“We’re working on it,” he says.

Even though Hung has accomplished a lot in the decade since his infamous Idol audition, he still gets recognized regularly, and credits the show for making him a “household name.”

“Everybody knows me,” he says. “When I go try to watch a baseball game or just go shopping or do general everyday things, people recognize who I am. They ask me, ‘May I have your picture? Aren’t you the ‘She Bangs’ guy?’ It helps a lot because it’s much easier for me to make friends and make professional connections. It’s great.”

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