By People Staff
Updated April 23, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Ray Mickshaw/WireImage

Hanging up his singing career for a shot at becoming a math teacher, the much-talked-about 2004 American Idol wannabe William Hung now “looks beyond his momentary stardom and looks forward to helping children,” reports his college paper, California State University, Northridge’s Daily Sundial.

When he’s noticed on campus — which is just a hop, skip and a jump on the 101 Freeway from Idol Central, Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre — Hung, 24, says the other students “will ask me things like, ‘Are you the ‘She Bangs’ guy?’ Or, ‘Are you William Hung?'”

“She Bangs,” of course, was the Ricky Martin song Hung delivered so memorably when trying out for Idol. While he didn’t make it on to the show, he still achieved a kind of stardom.

“I’ve been performing everywhere around the world, and I’ve gotten a record contract with a New York record company. We worked together and produced three records,” says Hung.

But education was where his heart is. “I think teaching is more exciting. I get to learn and teach something new everyday,” says Hung, who had been a civil engineering student at the University of California, Berkeley, before being stung by the showbiz bug. He’s been at Northridge for a semester, double-majoring in education and math, says the Sundial — as well as the New York Post, which also reported the story.

“I enjoy helping young children succeed,” he says. “I enjoy tutoring. I just really enjoy the experience of teaching.”

As for any lessons he has learned himself, Hung says, “Whatever you believe in, and if you keep trying, you can eventually succeed.” –Stephen M. SilvermanRay Mickshaw/WireImage