"It's been a lifelong dream of mine," Reeve tells PEOPLE

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated January 28, 2015 12:30 PM
Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images

Will Reeve has just landed the role of a lifetime.

Reeve, who bears a startling resemblance to his late father, Christopher, has joined ESPN’s SportsCenter.

“I’m working for ESPN,” Reeve, 22, tells PEOPLE. “I recently started. I’m looking forward to telling stories of all kinds. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine. This is the fulfillment of a dream.”

Reeve joins comedian Reese Waters and social media correspondent Sarina Morales as part of a push to reach a younger demographic.

“I’ll be different from a traditional SportsCenter reporter because I won’t be behind a desk in a suit,” Reeve told The Wrap. “These stories are not going to appear on air and then fade off – they are going to get an extended life digitally and on social media.”

SportsCenter‘s new team will make their debut at this weekend’s Phoenix Open.