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March 06, 2008 12:00 AM

Season four contestant Jack Mackenroth, who left Project Runway early due to health issues, may return next season, he tells PEOPLE.

“I’m entertaining the thought. I haven’t spoken to Bravo about it yet, but Heidi Klum mentioned it on the reunion show,” he explained at the TRESemme finale party in New York City Wednesday night. “I was talking to my sister and she was like, ‘When you got off the show you said it was one of most fun things you ever did. Why would you not do that again?’ So I’m leaning towards wanting to do it.”

Tim Gunn, for one, would be happy to see him return — on one condition. “He’s incredibly talented,” Gunn tells PEOPLE. “But I’m concerned that Jack’s health issue had to do with the stress and strain of being on the show. I will only be comfortable bringing him back if we have doctors’ clearance.”

Meanwhile, Mackenroth showed his support for the night’s eventual winner, his good friend Christian Siriano. “I’m a Christian fan,” he says. “I just adore him.” In fact, at the party’s screening of the finale episode, Jack sat with a group of who applauded loudly for Christian throughout the hour, calling out “Work!” and laughing in appreciation of the winner’s one-liners during the episode.

“Every one of Christian’s pieces was a show-stopping look, so the whole time I was just with my mouth open!” says Mackenroth, of seeing the show at New York Fashion Week Feb. 8.

“It’s what a fashion show should be.”

So how does his Siriano feel about the idea of Mackenroth returning to Runway?

“In all honesty, I love Jack, but no, I don’t really think it would be a good idea for him to audition again,” Siriano tells PEOPLE. “I’ve told him that. I know he really wants to because I don’t think he felt like he had the chance. But he’s not really a women’s wear designer … I’m sure he’ll audition. He’s a mediaw—-. I told him, ‘Do whatever you want to do.’ It’s still a fun experience — but it’s a year of your life.” –Rennie Dyball

Tell us: Should Jack try out for Project Runway again?

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/Bravo

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