'Will & Grace' Sneak Peek Reveals How Will and Grace Are Handling Becoming Brother and Sister

In an exclusive clip of Will & Grace, Jack McFarlane, played by Sean Hayes, and Karen Walker, played by Megan Mullally, poke fun at Will and Grace's parents getting married.

“Whatever you do, do not think about Marilyn and Martin… having sex!”

In an exclusive clip of Will & Grace next season, Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) and Jack McFarlane (Sean Hayes) are seen giggling about Will Truman and Grace Adler’s parents getting married.

“The look on Will and Grace’s faces when his mother and her father said ‘I Do’ was priceless!” Karen belches.

“Oh! It was like that!” she then points at Will (Eric Cormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) who are staring blankly into the distance.

“Your paw’s inside your maw!” Karen later squeals, as Will takes a sip from a glass of whiskey.

“And nine months later, a dust baby!” Jack responds, bursting into laughter and slapping the table.

Will and Grace then respond angrily in unison, “COME OFF!”

Karen and Jack try not to laugh before Grace cries, “Why did your mother throw her garter? And why am I still holding it?”

The first episode of the show reboot’s second season (the show’s 10th total) will also see Grace accidentally running into Noah, a potential love interest, played by guest star David Schwimmer.

Will & Grace is set to premiere on Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. on NBC. The Will & Grace reboot is nominated for five Emmy Awards.

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