December 10, 2015 11:00 AM

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas (that is, if your Christmas sounds like two grown men screaming about holiday movies)!

In an exclusive (and semi-NSFW) sneak peek at Thursday’s Billy on the Street, Will Ferrell stops by the show to play a new game of For a Dollar with Billy Eichner. And did we mention they’re both dressed in festive onesies?

In the segment, we learn that a lot of New Yorkers are completely oblivious not only about Ferrell’s 2003 insta-classic Elf but also about Bill Murray‘s 1988 A Christmas Carol re-envisioning, Scrooged.

Though Eichner, 37, and Ferrell, 48, do hand out a few dollars, their rapid-fire yuletide assault is mostly met by the panicked stares of people who almost know the answer. (Then again, these are basically the same pool of people who were clueless about the identity of legitimate 2015 superstar Chris Pratt, so what can we expect?)

[IMAGE “1” “” “std” ]Perhaps the best gift of all, though?

When one participant correctly recognizes the face of Leonardo DiCaprio on an ornament. She joyfully yells out his name and is met with thrilled “YES!”-es from Eichner and Ferrell – only neither of them has $1 to give her. Snaps Eichner: “Come on, Will – you’ve got a hundred million!”

Watch the full clip to see what other seasonal shenanigans the gents encounter and to settle once and for all that age old question – Which is the better movie: Elf or Scrooged? (Hint: It might not be what you think.)

Billy on the Street airs Thursdays (10:30 p.m. ET) on truTV.

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