August 05, 2010 01:00 AM

Glee‘s upcoming Britney Spears tribute episode may have been the pop star’s own idea – but don’t count on her to make a cameo.

“Britney’s not in it,” Jane Lynch told reporters today at her wax figure unveiling at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood. “It’s a tribute to her music.”

Even though Spears herself will be absent from the episode, Lynch promises that tales from entertainer’s real life will be tied into the show’s storyline.

“It’s kind of about how Matt Morrisson‘s character Mr. Schuster doesn t see any value in her and the kids really do,” she says. “And at the end of the episode, he comes around and he likes her music so much, he shaves his head.”

Speaking of Spears, her long-ago ex Justin Timberlake has been rumored to appear on the musical series also. But it doesn’t sound like any plans are actively in the works to make that a reality.

“I love him,” the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy told reporters last week at TCA. “But I think somebody just said, ‘Do you want him?’ And I think Lea Michele said, ‘He’s my favorite,’ and then suddenly it was that he was on the show.”

As for other rumored A-list guest stars, remember when Murphy hinted a while back that Jennifer Lopez may come on the show to play a lunch lady? Well, that may not be happening either. “Yes, I’d love for her to do it,” he says. “But I don t know if this American Idol thing is happening and if she can.” – Dahvi Shira and Scott Huver

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