August 24, 2014 06:50 PM

Silicon Valley star Zach Woods plays a tech exec turned start-up business developer, but when it comes to using technology in his real life, he would love it if someone could please show him how to delete photos from his smartphone.

“I used my father’s email address until I was in college because I didn’t know how to set up an email account,” Woods, who also stars in USA Network’s comedy Playing House, explained to PEOPLE at the Manhattan’s Del Close Marathon, where the comedian performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade’s annual festival. “I have like a Depression-era grandmother’s reaction to technology.”

The 29-year-old actor and comedian stars as Jared Dunn on the hit HBO series about six friends trying to make it in the competitive start-up world of Silicon Valley. While finally getting his own email address was what he calls a “monumental moment” in his life, that still hasn’t helped him figure out how to work his iPhone.

“I can’t take photos on my phone because it’s full but I don’t know how to get anything off it,” the former The Office star lamented. “I used to have an earthquake app and a first aid app, because I’m a fundamentally frantic person, but I had to get rid of them because my phone started warning me that it was full.”

The biggest problem, though? “Now if there’s an earthquake, I won’t know the protocol!”

Meanwhile, his costar Thomas Middleditch (who stars as Mark Zuckerberg-like programer Richard Hendriks) told PEOPLE he’s rolling in free phones (thanks, Samsung!), and regularly uses apps like Instagram, Facebook and his favorite game, Defenders of the Crown.

“For someone who has never studied any of that stuff, I would say [I’m] reasonably tech-savvy,” Middleditch said.

While Woods plans to leave technology to the experts (tech consultants regularly school the actors on concepts discussed in an episode), he couldn’t help but admit his excitement over meeting one website founder in particular.

“We did a screening in Silicon Valley and [I met] Craig [Newmark] from Craigslist,” he said with the excitement of having met a Beatle. “But the bass was so loud, Craig and I were just looking into each other’s eyes and I don’t think either one of us heard much of what the other person was saying.”

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