Why 'The Bachelorette' 's Juan Pablo Is the Best Bet for 'The Bachelor'

The Venezuelan heartthrob is fit, a family man and he has The Bachelor Nation's attention

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

The official line is that the next star of The Bachelor has not been chosen yet. But after the The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special, it might be wise to start practicing your sexiest pronunciation of “Juan Pablo.”

Here are five reason why the Venezuelan heartthrob could be the best bet:

1. He’s hot: The soccer stud and single dad is “muy caliente” as Desiree Hartsock would say. He already looks amazing in a Speedo so no need for the production company to spring for the traditional pre-season extra training to tighten and tone.

2. He’s a favorite: Not only did the 31-year-old Miami resident lead our poll, he is a fan favorite (just like Bachelor Bob, current Bachelorette Desiree and the last man to hold the title, Sean Lowe). He clearly drummed up the most fan reaction at Men Tell All when introduced and just about every time he opened his mouth. There were three girls in homemade tees that declared their hearting of him. And if you need more proof, Chris Harrison declared it so.

3. He’s got camera time: Considering he was not the last man to be booted, the source of drama or even controversy adjacent, he was still pulled up to the Hot Seat by Harrison for some one-on-one grilling at Men Tell All. There was even a mini-lesson on saying his name correctly. Harrison also asked him throughout the night to weigh in on the season’s bad boys, James and Ben, Desiree’s final three and the “weirdness” of the whole situation.

4. He’s Latino: The franchise has long been the subject of negative criticism and been the butt of late-night and social media jokes about the lack of racial diversity. In 2012, a class action lawsuit was even filed contending that the series violated discrimination laws. (ABC and Warner Horizon Television eventually won the case.) So, maybe it’s time for a Venezuelan-born hottie whose first language wasn’t English.

5. He’s there for the right reasons: “I am ready to fall in love again. I want to find a stepmom for [my daughter] Camilla and I want to have two more kids,” he told PEOPLE at the Men Tell All taping. “Camilla asks me for brothers and sisters all the time. And I just want to find someone who loves me and wants to do the little stuff with me. She’s out there. There are people for everyone, but so far no luck.”

So what if Juan Pablo does get offered the gig – would he take it? “It would be a very hard decision to make. If I was the one in charge, I would have to be away from my daughter for even longer and I don’t know that I want to do that again,” he told PEOPLE. “I saw how tough it is on Desiree to be in a relationship with all these people. There are so many things to juggle and people got competitive. And you have to say goodbye to so many people and I hate making somebody cry or making them sad. That part would really tough on me.”

Then again, he added, “At the same time I would be in charge and they would put me in a room with 25 women who wanted to be there to meet me … so if I found the right woman it would be worth it.”

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