'Teen Mom 2'' s Jenelle Evans Reveals the Reason Her Mother Barbara Was Not Invited to Her Wedding

Jenelle Evans opened up about the real reason she didn't invite her mother to her wedding

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It was Jenelle Evans‘ big day on the season finale of Teen Mom 2 — and one important family member was visibly missing.

The reality star, 25, married David Eason on Monday night’s episode, but her nuptials were unattended by most of her family, including her estranged mother, Barbara.

When a friend asked her if her mother was coming, Evans said, “Nope. My mom’s not coming. She’s not invited.”

She continued, “I wish I could have a mom there but … I have no family coming. And [Barbara] disapproves of David. That was the big reason. That’s the reason why she wasn’t invited in the first place. You don’t like David, so why are you coming to the wedding then?”

Barbara’s friend Donna met her at her hotel room by the ocean, where she opened up about why she strongly disapproved of Eason.

“The reason I’m so upset was because David has alienated [Jenelle] from me,” Barbara said. “She chose David over her own family. That’s what she always does. Until David comes to me and apologizes to me …”

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Donna interrupted, saying, “That’s never going to happen, so you chose not to have Jenelle in your life. It’s that simple, it’s a choice.”

“You have a key you can fix it with and I’m watching you piss on it,” Donna added, referencing Barbara being able to repair her relationship with Jenelle if she befriended Eason.

“The bottom line is your daughter is defending David,” Donna continued. “And if you want a relationship with your daughter, you have to get along with David.”

But Barbara was adamantly against that, saying, “I’m not getting along with David! Period. I will not.”

“Then you’ll never have a relationship with Jenelle,” Donna said.

Barbara appeared to stand by her words: “Then I won’t, will I? I won’t.”

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