Why 'House of Cards' Should Win an Emmy

The Netflix drama, which is nominated for outstanding drama series, features antiheroes we love to hate

Photo: Knight Takes King Prod.

Suspenseful and crackling good, Netflix’s House of Cards, which is nominated for outstanding drama series, is a triumph on so many levels.

It’s an expertly serialized workplace/relationship drama about Washington, D.C. that has you rooting for two of the most dastardly characters on TV right now – Francis and Claire Underwood, masterfully played by the Emmy-nominated Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

No one in Frank or Claire’s world is the least bit likable, either – a true testament to the work of series creator Beau Willimon, who thinks we prefer our politicians cunning, murderous, and not the least bit trustworthy.

For the small-screen version of Capitol Hill, he’s completely right.

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