Alyssa Milano Is Ready for a 'Who's the Boss?' Reboot – with Tony Danza as a Grandpa

The star says if the script is right, she's "100 percent" for revisiting the '80s classic

Photo: Everett Collection

If Alyssa Milano were the boss of a television network, she knows what show she’d make happen: a reboot of her classic sitcom Who’s the Boss?

Speaking to Page Six, Milano revealed that she would “100 percent” be on board a reboot if the script were right.

Milano, who starred opposite Tony Danza in the series, says she’d want her old costar to be involved.

“I think [my character Samantha] would have [her own] kids and Tony would be a grandfather,” Milano said.

The series aired on ABC from 1984 to 1992, and centered on Tony (Danza), an ex-baseball player and widower who moves to Brooklyn with his daughter Samantha (Milano) to take a job as a live-in housekeeper.

Revisiting ’90s classics is all the rage at the moment, with revivals of Full House, Coach and Xena: Warrior Princess among those in the works.

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