Who Will Win 'So You Think You Can Dance' ?

Photo: Frank Micelotta//Fox/PictureGroup

After eight eliminations, three sidelining injuries and countless memorable dances, it’s finally time to pick a winner on So You Think You Can Dance. With four performances — two with an all star and two with a fellow finalist — to win voters over one last time, the top three contestants delivered nine flawless routines Wednesday that made the judges proud.

Lauren Froderman, Robert Roldan and Kent Boyd will find out which one of them is America’s favorite dancer Thursday (8 p.m. ET) — and witness a special performance by Ellen DeGeneres.

Wednesday’s show started strong with Kent’s Bollywood routine, danced with all star Lauren, that showed to his playful side. Even though Mia Michaels described the piece as “Kent-ish,” his contemporary duet with Allison made him an “artist,” according to Adam Shankman.

“I had to be an artist, there wasn’t more dances after this, so it was good that it came here,” Boyd told PEOPLE after his performance. He has been criticized in the past for his over-exuberant facial expressions, but he made sure to keep the serious nature of the choreography in mind when dancing this number. “I think I needed the piece,” he said. “It really showed me something.”

While Lauren has already been crowned the season’s top girl, her performances were strong enough to make her a contender for the win. The judges praised her hip-hop, contemporary and jazz routines, and her cha cha was “damn near perfect,” according to Nigel Lythgoe. It even made Michaels want to dance like Froderman.

“That was an amazing comment,” Froderman said. “I don’t really think I can explain in words how it feels. I feel very very honored that she would say something like that to me.”

And even though Robert is considered the underdog in the competition, he proved that he deserved his spot in the finale just as much as Boyd and Froderman. His jazz duet with Mark got Shankman’s ultimate compliment — that he wasn’t dancing like he was competing anymore — and his Broadway number with all star Kathryn was a “love fest,” Michaels said.

“I just want to dance and let go and not worry about what say,” said Roldan. “This is it, this is all you get, this is the last one so I just wanted to go out there and dance my butt off.” –Mussarat BataFrank Micelotta//Fox/PictureGroup

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