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July 15, 2010 01:00 AM

A saboteur is more than just your enemy. They are the enemy within, they’re close and they know your secrets. The Big Brother Saboteur went M.I.A. for such a stretch this week that the house guests were on the verge of verbally taunting him to come back and break up the monotony, and the saboteur obliged … with a vengeance.

This was no padlock on the supply room door, no Xs taped on photos – this time the saboteur popped up on its warbling, distorted video screen and tossed a grenade into the middle of the room. “When you all entered the house, you introduced yourselves like strangers,” the message said. “But I’m here to tell you that two of you are actually life-long friends.”

Britney fingered Brendon and Kristen because she didn’t buy their reactions, while Kristen may have shown a surprising moment of insight when she pointed out that Matt and Annie hadn’t interacted but had more in common than any of the other house guests. But leave it to Andrew to take it to that special crazy, not-so-kosher place. “From the beginning I thought Matt and Ragan,” he said. “I think Matt is gay, and I think them two are in a relationship, and they’re playing a great game.”

Them two?

While the saboteur tried their best to muck up everyone’s good time, there was still a game to be played, and a cash prize on the line. The two house guests put up for eviction, showmancers Rachel and Brendon, threw strategy out the window and opted for camping rather than campaigning. On the verge of becoming Julie Chen‘s first season 12 interview, the twosome decided the best course of action was to further isolate and alienate themselves, canoodling underneath a blanket with the rest of the house watching.

Brendon woke the next day and headed straight for the HOH room, where he used his vast repertoire of skills for making friends and influencing by threatening Hayden: “If I win POV,” he said, “I’m coming off the block and this game starts all over. I would be worried if I was you.”

The Brigade had the deck stacked, with alliance members Hayden and Enzo both competing for the POV and two wild cards gunning to keep Rachel or Brendon from the ultimate prize. The only problem was that the Cinco de Mayo competition was a two-fold. First, there was the smashing of mayonnaise-filled pi atas (which the Brigade felt they had down to a science) and then there was the far more important spelling aspect (again, Brigade smash good, spell bad). Hayden’s worst fears were realized, when Brendon won the POV and used it on himself. That meant the HOH had to come up with a replacement nominee.

Sorry, Annie.

There is no question that the first evictee from the season of the Saboteur will be a woman, but will it be Annie or Rachel? –Reagan Alexander

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