November 13, 2018 02:50 PM

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is celebrating a major milestone.

The hit quiz show has officially handed out over $100 million in total winnings since its syndicated debut in 2002.

Millionaire, hosted by Chris Harrisonwill celebrate the achievement with a week of shows Nov. 12-16. Each day this week, the show will revisit a moment with a favorite past contestant, one of whom will be selected to come back for another chance to win on Friday.

“We’ve given away a grand total of $100 million over the past 16 years. To commemorate that milestone, one of our all-time favorite contestants is about to take another run at that $1 million prize,” Harrison explains on the show.

Some of the fan favorites include the first woman millionaire, a pair of kid contestants and more.

But that’s not all! Dedicated viewers will also have a chance to win big.

“One lucky viewer out there is going to be selected to win a magical Disney cruise line vacation,” Harrison says.

The show first aired in 1999, and while its format has evolved over the years, the basic rules have remained the same: answer trivia questions to walk away with what could be life-changing money.

In honor of the special week, take PEOPLE’s own Who Wants to Be a Millionaire quiz, complete with questions about the magazine that have been asked on the show over the years.

(Answers will be listed at the bottom.)

In 1974, which celebrity appeared on the first cover of PEOPLE magazine?

Elizabeth Taylor
Jane Fonda
Mary Tyler Moore
Mia Farrow

Like many of its issues since, the very first issue of PEOPLE magazine in 1974 fittingly featured what on the cover?

A person
A field and stream
A car and driver
A rolling stone

Although normally fiercely private, what closely-kept secret did Barry Manilow reveal in a 2017 PEOPLE magazine cover story?

He and Michael Bublé are the same person
He has Jimmy Hoffa in his basement
He’s married to his manager, Garry Kief
He actually CAN smile without you

Marrying model Sofia Hellqvist in 2015, the well-chiseled Prince Carl Philip of Sweden was fittingly dubbed a what by PEOPLE magazine?


Who Wants to be a Millionare
Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution

Warning that “your stilettos might get a bit lonely,” PEOPLE magazine reports that “comfort is totally cool again” thanks to the comeback of what brand?

Dolce & Gabbana
Manolo Blahnik

Neil deGrasse Tyson was once awarded what title by PEOPLE magazine?

Hunkiest Concert Cellist
Most Eligible Poet Laureate
Sexiest Astrophysicist
Smokingest Ichthyologist

Which TV host revealed to PEOPLE magazine that for three years in the late ’80s he was homeless, living out of his 1976 Ford Tempo?

Arsenio Hall
Anderson Cooper
Steve Harvey
Stephen Colbert

The Spanish-language version of what popular U.S. magazine features an annual issue titled “Los 50 Más Bellos”?

Us Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
Rolling Stone

A 2012 article on PEOPLE magazine’s website mentioning Brooke Shields, Taylor Swift and Gloria Swanson had what title?

I Dated a Roosevelt
I Dated a Jenner
I Dated a Kennedy
I Dated a Trump

Before it started running lighter fare, what magazine’s debut issue featured the writing of Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn?

Us Weekly

Which superhero has never been portrayed in a film by an actor named as PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive”?

Iron Man
Green Lantern

PEOPLE magazine started an annual tradition when it bestowed what honor on Mel Gibson in 1985?

Wealthiest Man Alive
Smartest Man Alive
Sexiest Man Alive
Friendliest Man Alive

What is the name of the PEOPLE magazine section that reviews movies, music, books and television?

Dos & Don’ts
Winners & Losers
Hits & Misses
Picks & Pans

Answers: Mia Farrow, a person, He’s married to his manager, Hünk, Birkenstock, Sexiest Astrophysicist, Steve Harvey, People, I Dated a Kennedy, People, Iron Man, Sexiest Man Alive, Picks & Pans

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