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July 26, 2013 11:45 AM

The season finale of The Bachelorette is right around the corner! While fans are certainly eager to see if Desiree Hartsock gets engaged – and to whom – there’s another important question on their minds: Who will be the next star of The Bachelor?

It seems that two frontrunners have emerged from Des’s pack of castoffs: ab-tastic Zak Waddell and sexy Venezuelan soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis.

Desiree said in her Bachelorette blog this week that it should be Zak. “He is so deserving of love,” she admitted. “I would love to see him have the opportunity to choose from 25 suitable women to find it.”

But is Zak still too heartbroken over being dumped to be the new Bachelor? While he admitted on Monday’s Men Tell All episode that he was still in love with the bridal stylist, Zac did end the song he wrote for Des with the line “I’m moving on.”

And if the enthusiastic reaction of the studio audience was anything to go by, single dad Juan Pablo is the clear fan favorite – his most devoted (and vocal) fans were even wearing Team Juan Pablo T-shirts!

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