The mother of two was reportedly indicted for aggravated assault, child cruelty, battery, aggravated stalking and disrupting a public school

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee has reportedly been indicted on several child abuse charges.

Lee was indicted Thursday in Cobb County, Georgia, on multiple charges, including aggravated assault, child cruelty, battery, aggravated stalking and disrupting a public school, according to, for allegedly shoving her child’s head into a metal locker and dragging her by her hair.

She faces seven charges of indictment — three are felonies and the other four are misdemeanors — according to TMZ, and she could face up to 54 years in prison if convicted of all of them. (PEOPLE is out to VH1 and the district attorney’s office for comment.)

This isn’t the first time Lee’s legal issues have made headlines. Here’s everything you need to know about the New Jersey native, whose real name is Latisha Jefferson.

She joined the cast of LHHATL in 2016.

Lee, 34, made a cameo appearance in the first season of the VH1 show, but she didn’t begin regularly appearing until season 5, when Karen “KK” King and her rapper sons Scrapp DeLeon and Sas signed on as supporting cast members. At the time, Lee was DeLeon’s girlfriend and the season chronicled their turbulent relationship and her rivalry with Tiarra Becca, the mother of his child.

Lee and DeLeon split after he was jailed for drug trafficking charges, but Lee’s feud with cast member Joseline Hernandez continued to fuel storylines, culminating in an off-camera incident in which Lee allegedly attempted to run Hernandez down with her car.

Lee was promoted to a full-time cast member for seasons 6 and 7, but her future on the show is currently unclear. Multiple outlets recently reported that she is no longer filming the series.

She gave birth in jail.

Lee has two daughters from previous relationships, and she revealed on the show that she welcomed her first child while incarcerated.

“Well, one day I was sitting in jail just leaking and I pressed the button like, please somebody, can I get checked?” she said in a 2016 interview with VH1. “You know it’s hard to get medical attention in jail. Then they said if you press the button again you’re getting locked down. So when it was our time to get out, I called my mom and I was like ‘ma, some s— is coming out and it’s just coming out every day.'”

“My mom was like, ‘Pee on yourself right now.’ So, I pissed on myself. When I did, the whole floor was going crazy. Everyone was screaming, ‘We ’bout to have a baby!’ So then they took [me] to the hospital and it was no fluid around my baby. I had to have an emergency C-section. Yeah, that saved my daughter. I wasn’t cuffed to the bed. The police were really nice. They let my family come in so it wasn’t like a horrible transition. Then I had to go back to the jail and they rushed me to court. The judge went off. He was so f—ing mad! I’ll never forget it.”

She has a long criminal history.

Lee’s recent indictment stems from two October arrests. She was first arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault, battery and child cruelty after an incident at her child’s middle school, according to TMZ.

At the time, she reportedly posted a $27,000 bond and was released. According to TMZ, she also received a court order to stay away from her daughter. But just hours later, Lee was arrested for a second time after allegedly making contact with her daughter. She was arrested at her home and charged with aggravated stalking and obstruction of an officer, WSB-TV Atlanta reported.

On the show, Lee said she’d been arrested nearly 30 times. In her VH1 interview, the reality star said many of her arrests came after violating probation.

“Half the time I’ve been on probation without going to prison. Half the time I was put on probation but I was still a bada–. I still would violate probation,” she said. “I wouldn’t do community service, so [I] guess that you get booked again and [then] you got a whole new mugshot.”

She almost died in a car crash.

In the same interview, Lee opened up about a near-fatal car accident she got into with her sister Versace, who was pregnant at the time.

“We were on our way back to Jersey because we were still in school while she was pregnant. You know the trucks that have the CV 4 radio? So all the trucks were moving to the right. They were moving out of the lane,” she said. “So, we’re doing regular speed in the fast lane and bong! A truck had dropped something off one of their trucks. It was a big iron metal thing and we were like, slipping. … We all almost died.”