On Monday, police responded after Blac Chyna and Kid Buu got into a fight in their Hawaii hotel suite

Blac Chyna has a history of contentious relationships — and her latest fling with Kid Buu is no exception.

On Monday, officers and paramedics responded to the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Honolulu, Hawaii, after police were called following a fight between Chyna and Kid Buu, both 30, in a hotel suite.

“It was more of a ‘he said, she said’ situation. They both had complaints to the police, but in the end no one was arrested or taken to the hospital,” a source told PEOPLE, adding that Chyna and Kid Buu “were both intoxicated.”

A rep for Chyna, who shares 2-year-old daughter Dream with her ex Rob Kardashian, did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; Kid Buu/Instagram

The Honolulu Police Department confirmed that the incident is currently under investigation.

“Shortly before 9 a.m. today, a female visitor staying in Waikiki reported being assaulted by a male acquaintance. The victim reported that she and the suspect had been involved in an argument several hours earlier, and the argument had escalated to a physical confrontation,” a media liaison officer said in a statement to PEOPLE. “The male left the area after the confrontation and has not been located.”

“This incident has been classified as abuse of a household member,” the statement continued. “The investigation is continuing, and no further information is being released at this time.”

So who is Kid Buu? He’s everything you need to know about Chyna’s man, who has already hinted on Instagram that the relationship is over.

He’s an up-and-coming rapper.

Kid Buu, reportedly born Markquez Lao Santiago, adopted his stage name from the Dragon Ball Z anime series. He started generating a buzz on SoundCloud last year with his Ski Mask The Slump God-assisted single “Double Up (Run It Up)” and “Death 2 SoundCloud,” which has garnered nearly 3 million streams.

He claims to have undergone a brainwashing process.

In addition to his claims that he’s a second-generation clone, Kid Buu claims to be unable to remember anything beyond the last six years or so.

“I did undergo a brainwashing process that did erase and eliminate a lot of things that are considered negative,” he told XXL magazine last December. “The reason for it is to make me the conscious individual I am today. It eliminates anything that is aggressive in the mind and that is just going be toxic to you or your livelihood. For that reason, a lot of stuff is really hard to remember, even stuff from my childhood.”

He has a criminal history.

According to XXL, citing Miami-Dade court records from 2008, Kid Buu pleaded guilty to charges of child abuse, obstruction of justice, robbery and criminal mischief.

“The child abuse is, in fact, labeled ‘child abuse with no harm,’ ” he told the magazine, adding that he was 18 at the time of the incident and that the alleged victim was either 16 or 17 years old.

“I know that’ll sound confusing to a lot of viewers, because how could somebody be abused if no harm is done?” he continued. “Well, it is very confusing, and I learned the hard way by Florida adding that charge to me because someone had called the police and did say that I was intimidating and threatening a witness to not testify on a friend.”

“When you play with Florida, they make things sound even more nasty than what it needs to be,” he added. “So they did that, and we just came to an agreement. I was like, ‘I’m just going plead guilty for my own convenience to move on with life.’ ”

His ex-girlfriend has called him “emotionally abusive.”

Last September, a YouTuber named Sarah Penman (Jayne Cobain on Instagram) released a 49-minute video alleging Kid Buu was “emotionally abusive” and a compulsive liar who misrepresented his age and several other facts about himself.

Buu denied the allegations.

“For starters, it’s a girl I met on Tinder,” he told XXL with a laugh, chalking up the allegations to “clout chasing.”

“They just want fame,” he said. “They’re willing to do anything and everything, even if it’s dishonor someone who was a kind friend in the past and make up lies.”

He says he’s a father.

In the video, Penman alleged Kid Buu lied about having a daughter, but he told XXL that wasn’t the case.

“As far as my daughter, I mean, everyone knows my daughter,” he said. “Like, if you had me on social media, it’s through there. It’s not a secret.” (Currently, Kid Buu has no photos or videos of his daughter on his lnstagram.)