Who Dies in The White Lotus? PEOPLE Editors Make Their Picks

When season 2 wraps on Sunday night, we know at least one resort guest won't be going home alive. Who might it be? PEOPLE editors weigh in on the mystery. WARNING: If you aren't caught up through episode 6, spoilers ahead

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Albie and Portia

the white lotus - albie & portia
Fabio Lovino/HBO

It's hard to pinpoint who exactly gets killed and who is the murderer in the season 2 finale of The White Lotus because everyone essentially has the motive to kill or be killed. Some people think Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) dies, but I think that she just gets badly screwed over by her husband, Greg (Jon Gries). If you watched episode 6, you may have noticed a tiny camera seemingly recording Tanya getting intimate with the hot young man she was set up with. I think her husband wants to use that as evidence for a divorce so that he can scam her out of all her money.

I don't know why or how, but I think Tanya's assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) is one of the dead bodies because whoever Daphne (Meghann Fahy) found in the water appeared to have a smaller frame and shaved legs.

I feel like something bad will happen to Albie (Adam DiMarco) as well because Lucia (Simona Tabasco) is clearly very sketchy — I think she is working with the guy who has been "stalking" her. Regardless, I'm prepared to be fully surprised. —Dorienne Jackson, TV Editor

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the white lotus lucia
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I think the Di Grasso men (F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli and DiMarco) are going to team up to kill Lucia's "pimp" Alessio in an attempt to protect her, only to learn that it was a scheme gone too far and the pimp was just her friend playing a part. Also, Cameron (Theo James) is going to die … I just don't know how. —Kyler Alvord, Politics Editor

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Jon Gries as Greg Hunt, Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, HBO - The White Lotus, Season 2
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I've had my doubts about Greg since he first appeared in season 1 (what can I say, no one is good enough for my girl Tanya). This season, his abrupt business trip — and that shady phone call in which he whispered to an unknown caller that Tanya didn't suspect a thing — raised some serious red flags, leaving me initially wondering whether Tanya might discover he was with another woman upon his return and possibly murder him in a blind rage. I still think he'll die, but after Tanya discovered that throwback photograph of her new gay bestie Quentin (Tom Hollander) hanging with his long-lost heterosexual American cowboy lover who looked an awful lot like Greg, the puzzle pieces have now come into place for me on how it'll go down.

Greg is due back in Sicily any moment now. And he was there in Sicily before Tanya ever arrived. Clearly, this whole trip has been set up so that Quentin can be with Greg again and live together on her riches on the estate Quentin is in danger of losing. So luring Tanya away from the hotel, getting her coked up, having that hot gangster hook up with her — that was all entrapment, presumably so that Tanya would violate her prenup and allow Greg to get more money out of her when he exits the marriage. I mean, they even figured out a way to get Portia out of the picture, after Greg was furious she showed up uninvited. And was that the red light of a camera I saw in the room as Tanya and her lover began to get it on?

Either way, I don't think it'll work. My guess is on the boat ride back to the hotel, something will happen and Greg will mysteriously tumble overboard — perhaps with Quentin by his side (Federico Ferrante's Rocco did say that "other bodes have been found" and Quentin noted he would "die for beauty"). Creator Mike White has implied that Tanya is going to be his constant across his seasons, saying, "Jennifer is one of the highlights of my experience on this show as well as my career." What a better way to catapult her to her next vacation than with another urn of ashes, this time as a widow mourning the loss of her late husband? —Dave Quinn, News Editor

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THE WHITE LOTUS season 2; credit HBO

My initial prediction was that Lucia would be one of the White Lotus deaths in season 2 — however, upon thinking deeper, I've changed that assumption to Mia (Beatrice Grannò). While Lucia seems like a fitting candidate, given her lifestyle and a vendetta by her supposed boss, Mia's death would be a shocking portrayal of how innocence can quickly disappear.

Mia has only just been swept into Lucia's world, seemingly by her own choice. However, parallels from that chapel scene, and Mia's untimely death, could paint her as a martyr in the name of money and fame — the latter which she prioritized in her short life. There are plenty of people who could act as the killer: the jaded hotel pianist, Cameron or Ethan (Will Sharpe), who still have not paid the women, or even the unsuspecting Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore), her most recent lover. —Kelly Wynne, Digital News Writer

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the white lotus - albie
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At the top of the season, Rocco made it clear that it wasn't just that someone had drowned, but that "other guests have been killed" and that "other bodies have been found." Working back from that theory, I have to wonder whether we're going to see the death of somebody like Albie as he appears to be in over his head with Lucia, who clearly sees him as her ticket to America — and a sweet one she can live with, at that.

My guess is those "threatening" guys who were following her were putting on an act to scare Albie into taking Lucia back home with her (Albie's father and grandfather won't want to do that, but Albie has such a savior complex, I doubt they'll have any say in it). From there … well … I can see a few options as to what might happen. Perhaps Cameron catches Lucia in his room trying to steal from him (Valentina did give Mia a master key, after all) and Albie comes to her rescue, only to accidentally die by Cam's hands in the process. Or perhaps a tussle with her "pimp" Alessio (who I highly doubt is an actual pimp) will lead to some sort of tragic fall? Maybe that angry piano player comes for Mia, convinced she drugged him and stole his job, and Albie takes the knife in order to save Lucia's best friend?

Either way, the first season of The White Lotus was all about how the rich stay rich and those trying to climb up from the bottom never advance beyond that. As much as I love Lucia, I can't see her having a happy ending and killing Albie might be the way to assure she doesn't. Plus, his death has major impact on Portia, who will regret leaving him, and of course on his father Dominic and his grandfather Bert. Oh, and Cameron and Ethan and Daphne and Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Valentina — especially if Portia is involved in any way. Seems like a good bet. —Dave Quinn, News Editor

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white lotus leo woodall
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I could see Portia becoming the hero of the finale. Now that she has all the info she needs from drunk Jack (Leo Woodall), perhaps she kills him in their hotel room to keep herself safe and steal his car to get back to Palermo, rescue Tanya and turn the tables on Quentin and his crew before they can complete their scheme against Tanya. She's a lost soul but she's not dumb. —Kate Hogan, Digital Specials Director

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Aubrey Plaza as Harper Spiller, HBO - The White Lotus, Season 2
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Harper and Ethan are going to be at the center of (one) drama come the finale. She was weirdly calm about finding the condom wrapper in their room; he's been weirdly paranoid and angry since surmising she might be revenge-flirting with Cameron. The body in the ocean looked like a woman to me, and Daphne was alone (for once) at the beach when she made the gruesome discovery. (Was that Cameron who consoled her on the beach? Hard to tell. But we didn't see much of their friends.) I think these super-earnest characters being the drama would play well into the show's twisty storytelling: here's a guy who made it via classic American moral values of hard work and intelligence, but who has ignored all his wife's Spidey senses that their new friends might be trouble. —Charlotte Triggs, Executive Editorial Director

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Haley Lu Richardson - HBO, The White Lotus, Season 2
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If Mike White has proven anything with his series it's that money talks — and always wins. I think Portia is one of the characters who dies (and it's not because of her controversial outfits!). She's young, has no direction and seemingly not much money to her name. In the latest ominous episode, she registers after Jack's drunken talk about his uncle that she Tanya are possibly in danger. My theory is that somehow in the last episode she finds herself jumping in to protect Tanya and ends up getting killed herself. Tanya comes out unscathed, leaving behind someone of a lower economic status than her — just like she left the well-meaning Belinda in season 1 with the news that she wouldn't be funding a joint business. Money wins, again. — Antonia DeBianchi, Associate Food and Lifestyle Editor

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the white lotus - albie & lucia
Fabio Lovino/HBO

I think Albie may end up being the killer, because he's just too much of a nice guy. There's something sketchy going on with Lucia and Alessio, and I think when Albie finds out the truth he might just snap. —Bailey Richards, Editorial Intern

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Meghann Fahy, Theo James, HBO -The White Lotus, Season 2 - Episode 1
Fabio Lovino/HBO

Yes, he's perhaps too obvious of a choice, but maybe that's what Mike White wants: none of us assuming he'll die because it seems so likely. Ethan is clearly becoming more unhinged and jealous of Cameron by the minute, Alessio is definitely after him for money and he's easily the least likable character on the show. Plus, having wife Daphne as the one discovering him in the water could be some kind of dark conclusion to the story of their twisted relationship. —Kate Hogan, Digital Specials Director

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A Random Guest We've Barely, or Never, Seen

the white lotus

You guys, this is only season 2 — there is no formula! The body at the beginning of the season doesn't have to be a character we've been following all along. It could just be a dead, er red, herring. —Breanne L. Heldman, TV Editor

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